"So here’s to being able. Here’s to love. Here’s to loving just because. Here’s to acceptance. Here’s to never fearing the fear of rejection. Here’s to love and never neglecting who it is you feel you are. Here’s to bullies because beatings cannot last forever. Here’s to the moment that you realize things do get better. Here’s to the parents who will get it when it’s too late. Here’s to second chances. Here’s to new fate. Here’s to every single moment you’ve ever had to hide you. Here’s to the single star shining bright inside you, asking you to guide you. Here’s to who you’ll be when you figure it all out. Here’s to momentary doubt. Here’s to feeling, because we all feel it the same. Here is to the moment that things will change. Because we all feel love, we all feel it the same. Here’s to love, here’s to change."
– Angel Haze (via angelhazes)

"I feel like I just came straight out of the gate like, projectile vomiting all of my demons into the world and I’m just like, “hahaha, you take it, cuz I’m done with it."
– Angel Haze

"If the main source of your happiness becomes the sole source of your stress, then something needs to fucking change."